Premium, sustainable ingredients
go into every yusō

It’s nosh with a conscience: yusō is made with all natural nori (dried seaweed), non-gmo California-grown sushi rice, and premium seeds and seasonings. yusō is made in small batches with fresh ingredients in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

five tasty flavor profiles.
Good for you, and the earth.


Spicy Sal with Hangtag.jpg

Spicy Smoked Salmon

For those who love a little added spice

Our house-made Sriracha sauce adds an extra kick to this sustainably-farmed, locally cold-smoked Salmon and cold-smoked Steelhead.

Smkd Sal with Hangtag.jpg

Smoked Salmon

Smoky, buttery-flavored deliciousness

Cold waters give this sustainably-farmed, locally cold-smoked salmon its rich, buttery flavor, which we season with a touch of cayenne and lime.



umeboshi and chickpea.jpeg

Spicy Sesame Chickpea

The vegetarian’s tasty travel companion

 Spicy house-made sesame chickpea filling with hints of onion, garlic, red pepper, and lime.

Pickled Umeboshi Plum

salty and tart

pickled Umeboshi plum is a Japanese delicacy made of fruit (ume) which is harvested and pickled - a perfect salty and tart option for warmer weather



That’s a wrap!

Every yusō is specially packaged to keep the rice moist and nori crisp.
Unwrapping the deliciousness is as easy as 1-2-3.


1. Rip the strip

Pull the center strip down and around yusō, much like you would open a pack of gum, until the strip detaches completely from the wrapper.

This action creates a right portion and left portion of wrapping, which you will remove in steps 2 and 3.

2. Pull right

Holding yusō with your left hand, slowly pull the right portion of wrapper away with your right hand.

3. Pull left

Holding yusō with your right hand, slowly pull the left portion of wrapper away with your left hand.


Now you’re ready to enjoy yusō!