It’s crunch time

yusō onigiri is the savory, satisfying, Japanese-inspired snack. 
It’s the on-the-go, delectable treat with crunch on the outside, yum on the inside.



yusō and sushi share similar ingredients, such as rice and nori, yet their taste profiles
and compositions are unique. And with yusō, you’ll never need chopsticks!


California-grown, partially-milled, sushi rice
Japanese nori
savory fillings

Onigiri: The 1000-year-old fad

Onigiri is a Japanese snack dating back to the 11th century. Today, it’s still one of the most popular snacks in Japan, and is growing in popularity all over the world. Onigiri is also known by other names, including rice ball, o-musubi, nigirimeshi, joomuk bap and samgak kimbap.


Pack yusō wherever—and whenever—you go to satisfy
your craving for a savory snack.


• Road trip

• After practice

• On the slopes

• Catching some rays

• Driving ’round town

• In the air

• On the chair

• Pre- or post-workout

• In the lunchbox


Hearty and healthy

At just under 200 calories, yusō is surprisingly filling,
refreshingly nutritious.


• antibiotic free

• non-GMO

• high in omega-3’s

• 0 preservatives

• 200 calories or less

• great source of protein

• 0 trans fat

• gluten free